The library has good infrastructure facilities like well equipped furniture with modern   current books, periodicals, journals educational videos, CD ‘s and other learning resources. The library contains over 3000 books related to various areas of Educational departments.  It is almost kept open for 9 hours in a day. Students are provided with many facilities to update their knowledge. Regular library hours are allotted for our students for their ready reference.

Rules and regulations

  • Members should leave their personal belongings including text books in the space provided at the library-entrance.
  • Entry and exit from the library shall be recorded in the register kept at the entrance.
  • Strict silence must be observed in the library. The library staff have the right to request any user to leave the library if found causing disturbance.
  • Members are responsible for the loss or damage to books or any library material issued to them.

List of journals subscribed

  • University news
  • Edutracks
  • Meston Journal of Research in Education
  • Journal of Indian academy of applied psychology
  • Research and Reflection on Education
  • Journal of Educational Research and Extension
  • Indian Educational Abstracts
  • Indian Educational Reviews
  • Journal of Indian Education
  • Primary teachers
  • School Science


  • Students
  • Teaching staff
  • Administration and supporting staff


  • The library is kept open on all working days with the following timings
    Monday through Saturday: 8.30 AM To 5.30 PM