English Language Laboratory

To improve the communication skills of students, an interactive spoken language lab with modern computer equipment is available.Techniques are adopted to enrich vocabulary and channelize confidence through English language communication skills. This bridges the gap that exists between the skill sets required by the corporate world and the skills acquired by the students, thereby facilitating substantial improvement in the employability, of the students. Every week the members of the faculty of our students attend faculty orientation programme like conversation, interview, role play, reading rhymes with action, drama, making artform words with innovative equipment.


  • To train students to converse their perceptions fluently in English.
  • To expose students to the real world communication
  • To innovate various techniques of Business English and expertise them in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • To enhance the employability skills by giving more stress on spoken English.
  • To develop the cognizance in articulating their views.

Science laboratory

To many students, a ‘lab’ means manipulating equipment but not manipulating ideas.”- Lunetta, 1998
Science laboratory plays a vital role in the teaching learning process. It helps the student to learn the subject by doing experiments himself and this helps to fulfill the need of psychomotor domain part of the taxonomy of educational objectives. There is a well furnished science laboratory which is installed with modern equipment and apparatuses and instruments.

Psychology Laboratory

In the Psychology Laboratory of the college various kinds of Psychological tests are being conducted for the student. The use of these test are compulsory for the pupil- teacher. Psychology lab is decorated with a number of Psychologists portraits.
Psychology lab is well equipped and adequate Psychological instruments such as Tachistoscope, Mirror drawing apparatus, Intelligence test instruments, Personality questionnaires, Interest and Attitude measuring questionnaires, Attention measuring sheets, etc., It provides the trainees the fundamental knowledge of psychological experiments. Various Psychological experiments were done by our trainees and they inculcate the knowledge about identification of Intelligence Quotient, Personality types, Interest and attitude and measuring the span of attention, distraction of attention, etc.,

Educational Technology Laboratory

The Audio Visual (AV) Room contains all the latest equipment, which is used by the teachers to enhance their class presentations. This includes an LCD projector, Overhead projector, VCD player, amplifier, cassette recorders, record player, headphone, collar mike with wireless set, computer printers.


Computer Laboratory

Computer practice Lab is equipped with adequate computer devices providing the students knowledge on the fundamentals of computing on various platforms. Our college has arranged computer assisted instruction programme for the benefit of our students. The programme is conducted by Edserv Soft systems Limited. They gave guest lectures, about Micro Soft Office, train them and issue certificates to our students.