Our Instituion has a reputed name in teaching the subjects and other moral classes. The students are taught with good skills in a neat enviornment and guided with talented Staff. The instruction given by the Board of Examination are strictly followed as per the time-table schedule where all the subjects are taught by our talented and highly qualified Staff.The subjects are guided well and the Tests and the model exams are conducted at regular intervals.

During the teaching methods the students are trained in using be modern tools like LCD Projector, Computers, etc.,. The use of LCD projector has made our students to gain ample skill in presenting the seminars and other subject oriented topics.


Seminars are conducted more frequently for the students to develop their learning skills. By doing this the students get awareness in using the LCD projectors and Computers. The seminars are conducted either individually or in groups based on the topic given. The students are guided by the Staff in presenting the seminar.

Moral Education

Other than the normal activities, we conduct the moral education classes based on student’s discipline, helping nature, interactions, faith in God and cleanliness. The staff conducts Social and Cultural activities based on the personal skill of the students.

Computer Education

The subject classes are also conducted through computers to bring awareness in using the modern technology like computer where the students gain the subject knowledge much more interestingly through computers, especially the language subjects. By this the students develop their subjects contents very easily through this technology.Language Lab is made use of the subject like English for developing the Spoken English classes and to face interviews by the students.

Internship Training Programme

  • The Students of this Inistitution will compelete 40 working days of Internship Training Programme every year.
  • The Lecturers will visit the students during the Teaching Practice Programme and clarify all doubts regarding this programme.
  • The students submit all their reports, T.P attendence which was given by the H.M’s of the school concern during the Intenship.
  • The students discuss various doubts regarding the Records,T.L.MS,Models and Albums regrding the Board Practicals.


We make the students to submit their the Records, Assignments, Albums and also submitted Working and Non-Working models in time. The Head of the Institution and the Lecturers supervise the commission work.The students must take the Practical classes at the time of Board Commission and the Externals will award the marks depending on performance of the students.


Tests,Revision tests and Model Exams are conducted for all the subjects as per the Time table schedule.


Our College provides excellent Lab facilites with good quality instruments. The Labs like the physical science, Biological science, Computer science and psychology labs including English langauage Lab are used by the students regularly.


In our College, we are providing excellent library facilities for our students and lecturers. It is maintained by the Librarian. Many books like Text books, Educational related books, general science, Psychology, Language books, Novels, weekly and monthly Journals and other technologies books are available. And Research oriented materials like, Thesis and Research Books are available.The students make use of the library during the examinations. A particular period is allotted for the students to refer the library books.

Vocational Training & Crafts

Every month,very useful training is conducted to the trainee teachers by the Vocational Training Experts.Some of the Vocational training programmes are like the following:

  1. Tailoring
  2. Embroidering
  3. Hand Crafts making
  4. Drawing & Painting.
  5. SUPW


  • St. Gonsalo College of Education frequently organises series of events during the Academic year in order to tap the various potential of the Student-Teacher trainees.
  • The cultural activities and events like creative-writing are conducted based on Poetry, Essays, Seminars/Symposium, Oratorical,Debates, Music, Dance etc.
  • Besides all these, the Institute pays due attention to all Sporting events.
  • The College conducts health camps like Eye, Blood Donation, Ortho, Cancer detection, AIDS awareness ,etc., to create awareness among general public and rural masses.