Computer Science Education aims to publish high-quality teachers within the computing. The classes are conducted with the LCD Projectors.The student teachers of Computer science department acquires the knowledge of

  • ICT in Education
  • The importance of ICT in Education
  • The necessity of ICT in Education
  • The stages of teaching and learning with and through ICT.
  • The various approaches to curriculum development through ICT
  • The traditional view of the teaching – learning process
  • The changes in view of teaching – learning process
  • The implication of ICT in teaching – learning process


  • Integrate technology in to classroom teaching learning strategies.
  • Acquire knowledge of computers, its accessories and software.
  • Understand features of MS Office and their operations
  • Acquire skill in accessing world wide web and Internet and global accessing of information.
  • Acquire knowledge on preparing and using Computer Assisted Instruction programmes.
  • Acquire the knowledge relating to the organization and administration of computer Laboratory
  • Acquire knowledge on latest trends in Information Technology and assessment techniques.